Bloomingdale Garden Club Fitness Center Membership in Carol Stream

Bloomingdale Garden Club is pleased to announce that members may join Fountain View Fitness Center at 910 N. Gary Ave., Carol Stream. If we get 5 or more members to join, we each would receive a discounted rate of just $35/month. Family members who live at the same address may join for $24/month.
Fountain View is a state-of-the-art fitness facility. It has two pools (one being a warm water therapy pool), walking track, gym, loads of fitness/exercise equipment, and offers 90 group fitness classes! All of these amenities are part of your comprehensive membership.
There is no enrollment fee. If for some reason you need to cancel your membership, you must do so 10 days in advance. You also can put your membership on temporary hold due to illness or injury with a required note from your doctor.
Payment is made through EZ-pay for monthly memberships. Full year memberships can be paid via check or credit card.
If you are interested in joining or have questions, please contact Linda Kunesh at 630-306-7854 (cell) or 630-221-8684 (home). She will serve as the liaison to the Fitness Center and tell you how to sign up.
Here’s to a healthier lifestyle!