July 20, 2021 – Lyme Disease


What Gardeners Need to Know!

• You are 10 times more likely to contract Lyme disease than West Nile.
• Lyme disease has surpassed AIDS as the #1 infectious disease in the U.S. (many cases aren’t even reported leading to inaccurate records of how wide-spread it is).
• The common MD is using an extremely inaccurate form of testing which is only 50% accurate.
• Lyme can be spread by any insect that feeds on blood (gestational/sexually also being proven in case studies).
• The average MD knows very little about this disease or long-term dangers.
• If not treated properly it most often turns into a debilitating chronic condition.
• Lyme symptoms include symptoms that often lead to years of mis-diagnosis (M.S., depression, etc.).
• To find a Lyme literate doctor, contact the Lyme Disease Association or ask someone currently being treated by one.
• Lyme disease enters the central nervous system almost immediately and even if “cured” many endure relapses years later.

Join us as Laura Christensen presents this fascinating and very educational topic.