July 21, 2020 – The Lyme Disease Epidemic and What Gardeners Need to Know


Presented by Laura Christensen—

  1. You are 10 times more likely to contract Lyme Disease than West Nile.
  2. Lyme Disease has surpassed AIDS as the #1 infectious disease in the U.S. (many cases aren’t even reported leading to inaccurate records of how wide spread it is).
  3. The common MD is using an extremely inaccurate form of testing which is only 50% accurate.
  4. Lyme can be spread by any insect that feeds on blood (gestational/sexually also being proven in case studies).
  5. The average MD knows very little about this disease or long-term dangers.
  6. If not treated properly it most often turns into a debilitating chronic condition.
  7. Lyme symptoms include symptoms that often lead to years of misdiagnosis (M.S., depression, etc.).
  8. To find a Lyme literate doctor, contact the Lyme Disease Association or ask someone currently being treated by one.
  9. Lyme Disease enters the central nervous system almost immediately and even if “cured” many endure relapses years later.
    For more information go to www.ilads.org or www.truthaboutlymedisease.com.