May 21, 2024 – Who’s Who of Owls & Raptors


To some people, owls are symbols of wisdom but to others their hoots are harbingers of death and doom. Join award-winning naturalist Mark Spreyer as he reveals the truth about many of our North American owls and other raptors. Owls’ amazing hunting adaptations are explained. Special feathered guests illustrate just who’s who!

Stillman Nature Center’s Executive Director Mark Spreyer has been bringing owls to school classes, garden clubs, wildlife conferences and other groups for nearly 35 years. Mark did his graduate work in Minnesota on great gray owls and then went on to organize and direct Chicago’s peregrine falcon release program. In early 1995, after completing work on a 5,000 square-foot raptor exhibit with the Science Museum of Minnesota, Mark migrated back to Illinois to become executive director of the Stillman Nature Center in Barrington. His articles on birds of prey have appeared in various publications including Birder’s World. During his career, Mark has worked with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, National Audubon Society and College of Lake County.