Sat., May 4th 10 to 3 PM • Perennial Potting Party



Email Carol Lockerbie to let her know what plants you will provide, how many, their height and spread, bloom time, and their growing conditions. Please include in your email the common name, along with the botanical name if you know it. Carole is preparing labels for the plant markers. (If you know that she already has a label on file, you can just let her know the name and how many plants you’ll bring (no need for all the extra info). Here is an example:
Quantity: 3 – ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum (Herbstfreude). Pink (changing to rust) flowers in flat heads with fleshy green leaves. 24″ H x 18″ W. Full sun or partial shade. Flowers August thru September.
For more information, please see the Guidelines in the March 2024 Trowel.

The Perennial Potting Party will be held at the Bloomingdale Park District Maintenance Building. Bring plants in bags or boxes and members will help get them potted. We cannot accept any plants that are not identified. This is a great time to accept or trade perennials with other club members. Just remember though, once the plants are “potted,” they belong to the club and can only be purchased.

Be sure to check a perennial book or the internet to see if your plant can be divided in the Spring!