Garden Club Meeting June 16th

Our June meeting will be on the 16th and the venue is available to us again . . . so . . . it is our sincere hope that at least some of you will decide to come out on Tuesday for an hour or two.
Your Board has expressed mixed feelings about having our usual inside meeting. Some are still uncomfortable about whether or not we will be able to ensure “social distancing” etc. and some are just simply looking forward to getting together again with you all, even if just socially.
So, if you feel like it, please join us on Tuesday, 16th June at 6:15 pm at Cornerstone Faith Community Church. We will have seating outside, but bring your face mask and your own beverage. We will not be serving any refreshments this time.  We will not have a formal meeting but will report to you on what has been happening regarding the Community Garden, Plant sale, etc. 
And, more importantly, we will be able to see each other, chat and enjoy our wonderful camaraderie and friendship!!
We are hoping that the July meeting, with speaker etc., will be as scheduled and will keep you posted.